Recently I was told by a friend that she had had some professional photos taken of herself for a bit of fun, when I was shown these photos my first reaction was “a professional took these?!” and that got me thinking, what is it to be a professional?


For the person in the photos she was referring to someone that charges for the photography and that has a company name. At one time this is what I believed a professional to be, and I aimed towards this myself, but in recent times I have changed my mind. I personally see a professional as someone that does what they say, when they said they would and to a previously demonstrated standard or higher.


When bringing this into a photography scenario we could look at the wedding photographers that seem to pop up in the news every year that have charged and then supplied incredibly low standard photos. Is the client to blame as much as the photographer for not checking their work before hand? should the photographer not display their self as a professional until a standard has been reached?


it seems to be that to be considered a professional in these times its not what you do, its what you tell people. you can supply photos with props and light stands in the back of the photos if you tell people your a professional and dress correctly.


Me, Personally will keep dressing the way I feel comfortable (and appropriately for the job in hand) and create the work to the best of my standard, I will not refer to myself as a professional until I have been described that by clients, until then i shall remain a freelance photographer, its the clients that rate our professionalism, then only thing we can do is influence their decision by acting professionally.