..Red Bull.


I would usually do a post about the film “the art of flight” made by Redbull about snowboarding and the freedom that it gives, but that is already all over the internet. What i am going to do is give you a different link, to a less known film about red Bull and their the art of campaign. So here is is: Dream World:


Enjoy….oh and here is The art of flight:



ImageThe guys over at Yaer productions are a team of Photo, Video and designers who shoot everything i have an interest in.


take a look at their newest show reel:




Just a quick happy holidays message from us here at willshootforchange.

The new year is going to bring lots of improvements including:
A new edit suite
Our Internet being connected, we will be back to regular updates once this is done.

Reviews and more personal work.

So have a good one and we will see you soon

Now here is a wild one, is it possible to be inspired by something you have never seen? Only to realise your inspiration after your own creation has become.

I ask this because I have recently been looking further into Steve mccurry’s work, I first saw work by mccurry at the end of my india adventures in a small bookshop in the back streets of rajistan. His book stood out to me as his style of work was similar to what I was creating at the time. I’m not saying by any account that my images are at the standard of his in the books but but when looking through images on his blog (without trying to sound too big headed) I believe that with further trips I could reach his high standard.

The images mccurry captures honestly show the soul of the people within them, I can only think this is down to his social skills in these situations, making the subjects relaxed enough to show their selves to the camera

  Now that we have returned from India and are preparing to exhibit our work, im happy to give you a sneak peek of what to expect.


Not that twilight stuff, Photography!


Now that the India project is well under way, and the workload has slowed enough its time for “the business” to undergo a new branding. To go with the new company identity the blog will be integrated into a new  web page and lots more independent shoots will be published on here.


keep a eye out for the change…

While out in India for the last month on a photography project I was talking to photographer Rebecca Sanders about various influences and photographers we liked, in this discussion she told me about JR and his speach for the TED prize. so hear i am telling you about it…. well actually just saying, WATCH THIS!!